Saturday, November 28, 2009

What you gain from Trusting..................

As I said in the last segment of my "Eeny Meeny, Miney and Mo(mo) saga, I want to share what I have learned about TRUST thus far through these kittens that God entrusted me with.I hope you understand that the trust I am speaking of is trusting in God.

As you recall, Momo is the most trusting, Eeny Meeny is less trusting and Miney is the least trusting. I would hope that I am a MOMO, but I have to admit that after 48 years of calling myself a Christian, I am an EENY MEENY.

The MOMO TRUST trust opens up all the doors of heaven for a blessing to be poured out on you that you can't contain. And because you can't contain it, trust runs off of you so that everyone around you is drenched in it and because they are now soaked with the splashing of your trust, trusting comes easier for them.

That kind of trust is the icing on the cake, but you get to enjoy the icing, the cake and the mousse filling in the center when you have that kind of trust. God opens his hands and says,"Come on Momo." and you bounce over to him in perfect trust and receive all he has for you without fear.

The EENY MEENY TRUST allows you to wade in the shallows of God's provision, but you never get deep enough where you are confident that no matter what you see with your eyes, God is in control. This kind of trust enables you to have times of contentment while sunbeams coming in through the window warm you, but at the first "noise" you do not recognize you run under the bed.

Although, God's offers you a large piece of cake, this EENY MEENY TRUST allows you to eat the mousse and the cake all around it , but you never get to taste the "sweetness" of the icing. You know you're missing God's best, but you just can't trust enough to accept it all.

Then there is the MINEY TRUST. This level of trust prevents you from even venturing into the water at all. You stand on the shore just watching everyone enjoy all that God has, but are too afraid to take part in the wading(EENY MEENY) or the splashing(MOMO.)

God stands calling your name and extending a piece of cake, but you are too afraid to even approach him. Occasionally you nibble on the crumbs that fall on the ground, but you never enjoy the pleasure found in eating the cake, mousse and icing that God has so graciously prepared for you.

Momo wasn't always as trusting as she is now, but each time she allowed herself to be trusting she discovered that trusting was rewarding. She is no longer out in the heat, rain, or cold. She not only gets her regular cat food, but special treats as well. And she has found that it feels great to have your ears and belly scratched. She also discovered that when you are afraid of the unknown, the one you trust will pick you up and hold you close until the reason for being afraid is gone.

Adonai, help me to have a MOMO TRUST...........................Shalom, Bebe

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update on Eeny Meeny, Miney and Mo(mo)....

Momo took over ever room in the house. Shadow and Sassy, our two elderly female cats, didn't know quite what to make of this invader. She was not the least bit afraid of them. After all she's too cute not to love, so in her opinion, what did she have to fear.

Now, we had to begin thinking about getting the boys in so that we could tame them enough for their trip to the vet. We placed the pet carrier on the patio with a treat inside, but that didn't work for them.

Eeny Meeny had shown that he was a follower. Where ever Momo went, he was always two steps behind. So with Momo inside he was lost. Steve decided to attempt to open the family room sliding glass door and see if he would just come in on his own to find "his Momo". And he did just that.

As easily as Momo acclimated to being a domesticated inside cat (the sedation may have contributed to that), Eeny Meeny has struggled with this new arrangement. He's happy to be with Momo, but wishes that they were both outside. Remember he hasn't been "fixed" yet, so there may be wild urges that will hopefully disappear when he visits the vet on December 28th for a little "nip and tuck" procedure.

Miney has become more wild and has no desire to come inside. He shows up right on time for breakfast and dinner. And even enjoys a little playtime with the two-legged members of his rapidly depleting pride(if we don't get too close), but he will have no part of becoming an inside dweller. As the one remaining truly "wild child", he has even brought down a squirrel or two. Poor squirrels!

Watching these three little ferals has been a huge spiritual lesson in trust. Momo was always the most trusting. She seemed to understand that if these 2-legged cats provided her with food, water and shelter then we were worthy of her trust. She was the one who allowed us to touch her slightly while still outside without hissing. And she always returned for playtime with the fur-less members of the pride.Because of her ability to trust so well, she has received more attention in return. And with each passing day her trust increases.

Eeny Meeny wasn't as trusting when he was outside, but he knew that I was the provider of all things good. He followed me as I pulled weeds and would get pretty close if he had an escape route. Still his coming in had little to do with trusting us, it was all about his need to be with Momo. After three weeks of being inside, he still will not allow us to pet or pick him up, therefore he misses out on the affection that Momo gobbles up so readily. He is enjoying some of the rewards of being inside,food any time he wants and a climate controlled house, but missing out on so many others.

Then there is Miney,we finally got him in today with the age old "Hansel and Gretel trail". Only instead of breadcrumbs, it was cheddar cheese cubes. Once he realized that his escape route had been cut off he went berserk. He tried to climb the walls, literally and bounced off the window panes. We quickly realized that this was not going to work. He did not trust us one iota when he was "trapped" inside. Poor Miney! The temperature is 57 degrees and falling and he is outside, while his brother and sister are in a nice warm house, all because their level of trust is higher.

Next time I'll share what God has taught me about trusting him through watching Eeny Meeny, Miney and Momo......................Shalom, Bebe

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving = Giving thanks...............for everything.

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Traditionally, it is a time for getting together with family and friends to share a meal of Turkey and all the trimmings. I remember many Thanksgivings where I felt as overstuffed after the meal, as the Turkey was before we devoured it.

This year many are facing a much different Thanksgiving than they have ever known. Most of us personally know someone who is unemployed this year. It may be a family member, neighbor, friend or even yourself. Because of this you may be facing this Thanksgiving with sadness. I can understand this for I too have experienced these feelings, as I think of all those who are unemployed. One of the things that I hope comes out of this economic down is an understanding of what is truly important.

The past few days I have been contemplating the word thanksgiving. I realized that simply put it means to give thanks. In Ephesians 5:20 we read, "always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ". And again in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 it says, "give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

This is a hard concept; thanks for everything and every circumstance, for this is God's will?......... Wow! What could these verses possibly mean? I can just hear someone tomorrow, as they say Grace, "Father, I thank you that I am unemployed this year.....I thank you that I am not able to pay my bills". NO, I don't think that this is what God meant by these verses.

I think he wants our prayer to be,

"Father, in spite of the fact that I am unemployed and that I have bills to pay, I know that You are still in control of my life. I thank you for I know that you have a plan and I also know that as I submit to your will I am changing into the person you want me to become.I pray for those who do not have this hope or understanding. I now have more compassion for those in need and I thank you for that. But most of all I thank you for being my God and for sending Jesus to us as the truth, the life and the way. I am learning that true peace and joy is not about what I possess, but in whom I place my trust. I am learning that this is a choice and I choose to place my trust in you, not in a job or the government, but in you and you alone.
In Jesus Name............Amen".

Tomorrow on Giving-Thanks Day I plan to concentrate on God's goodness and love. Psalm 136:1, "Give thanks to the Lord for HE IS GOOD, His love endures forever."

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!................Shalom, Bebe

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kairos Reunion

I will get back to Eeny Meeny, Miney and Momo later, but I wanted to share a little about the Kairos monthly reunion last night.............

On the 3rd Tuesday of each month,we Kairos volunteers gather with the inmates at Lowell CI for a time of confidential sharing and prayer. Last night we were blessed with approximately 40 inmates in attendance. We usually divide into groups of inmates and a Kairos volunteer, but last night because of other commitments, there were only 5 volunteers. Therefore, we decided to have the "ladies in blue" come to the mike for a time of sharing, since smaller groups would have been too large and our allotted time to short for quality sharing.

There were about 10 that came forward and shared of how the Lord was working in their lives. There were several who shared concern for their families, especially their children. Some even thanked God for their incarceration, as they said that their time locked up had caused them to stop and examine their lives. Once again I was reminded of the spiritual freedom that is available to those who follow Jesus as Lord, even when incarcerated.

I've noticed that being incarcerated often helps you to recognize that the only one you can place your total trust in is God. We,who have our freedom, often place our trust in jobs, houses, family and possessions. Having everything stripped from you as these women have, causes them to zero in on what is really important, God.

I always leave the monthly reunion filled to overflowing with thanksgiving for this special time I have to meet with my "sisters in blue". Although I am usually tired when I arrive from working all day, when I leave I am rejuvenated, empowered and ready to take on the "enemy".

Thanks for listening...................Shalom, Bebe

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And more of Eeny Meeny, Miney and Mo.............

Steve was the one who took Momo to be spayed the next morning and we both picked her up that afternoon. We had prepared a quiet place for her in our guest room where she could roam and be protected from our two elderly female cats. We had both been praying about what to do next and how to take care of her. We had been given a list of post surgery do’s and don’ts. I had purchased the pain meds they recommended, but remember, we had still not been able to handle her, so I didn’t place much hope in being able to administer it.

She was softly mewing as we opened the pet carrier in the guest room. I opened the door and reached in to try to gently pick her up. Since she was still sedated, I was able to do so. I expected her to squirm to get out of my arms, but much to our surprise, she nestled in and began purring. We decided to take advantage of the sedation and continued to hold and pet her throughout the afternoon. She loved it.

I decided that I would sleep in the guest room while she recovered. For three nights I slept on an air cushion on the floor, so that I could be close to her. The 1st night I extended my arm to her and she slept close to my hand. After deciding that this arrangement was not quite to her liking, the next 2 nights she curled up next to me. My fear of rolling on her and hurting her prevented me from getting much sleep, so the 4th and 5th nights Steve took over. By the sixth day she was completely spoiled rotten and didn’t want us out of her sight. She meowed quite loudly when left alone in the guest room. It was time to introduce her to the rest of the house...................Shalom, Bebe

Monday, November 16, 2009

More of Eeny Meeny. Miney, Mo catch a kitten by the toe.......

The ones I called Eeny Meeny and Miney were the two tabbies and Mo was the black and white. As in all litters, there was an Alpha, the most fearless and an Omega, the most timid. Mo, the black and white, although the smallest, was the Alpha. The smaller of the two tabbies, Miney, was the Omega. I still was unable to touch them, so I was unable to determine their gender.

Our patio became their domain. My husband, Steve, stretched tarps over the patio furniture to protect them and their food from the blistering sun and driving rain. The patio looked like something you might see in an impoverished area of the Appalachians, but it was home to them.

They were happy with this arrangement, but we still could not touch them and wondered what was going to become of them. Originally, I had hoped to domesticate, "fix" and find homes for them. With each passing month that seemed less and less likely, as I still could not handle them. I was concerned that they would become more and more feral and populate the already large population of unwanted and abandoned cats in our area. Steve and I were both praying for wisdom as to how to help these kittens become more domesticated.

It was now obvious that Eeny Meeny and Miney were little boys and because Mo did not appear to be a boy I assumed that Mo was female. I estimated that they were approximately 6 months old at this time. Knowing that females become fertile at about this age, Mo became my greatest concern. I did not want her to become pregnant before I could have her spayed. That presented a problem, since she had only permitted us to touch her back a few times before running off in a huff. Our little Alpha had an attitude.

In our county we have a discounted spaying and neutering program, so in faith, I made an appointment for Mo, now called the more feminine name of Momo. Since she could not eat or drink after 12am the night before her surgery, we had to somehow catch her. Ingeniously, and with God's guidance, Steve attached fishing line to the door of a pet carrier. We then placed her favorite treat inside the carrier and when she was fully inside he pulled the door closed with the fishing line and I latched the door. We had managed to trap one unhappy little girl……………………Shalom, Bebe

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eeny Meeny, Miney, Mo catch a kitten by the toe....

One morning this past May, I was sitting in my back yard, drinking coffee and reading my morning devotional, when I saw movement out of the corner of my right eye. I looked and saw nothing. I resumed my reading. Soon I saw movement again. This time when I looked I saw 3 pairs of eyes looking back at me. In the easement behind my house 3 kittens sat staring at me from a cluster of low bushes. There were two tabbies and a black and white.

I love cats and when I saw these, my heart melted. I looked around for their mother, but she was no where to be found.I went in my house, got a dish of dry food and poured milk over it.As I approached them they scrambled into the overgrowth of native shrubs and palmettos.I placed the dish in the spot where they had been and returned to my chair to watch for their return.

Stealthily, they inched toward the dish and soon the food and milk was gone. Then I watched, as they contentedly began to give themselves baths. This became a daily habit, as I fed them and looked for their mother. Eventually I became convinced that she had either abandoned them or had been killed. I began to call them Eeny Meeny, Miney and Mo.

With each day that passed our relationship became friendlier. I moved their food and water dishes closer and closer to my house and they began to come when I called them. Soon they were eating on the patio. They knew that I was their source of food. I guess to them I became Mama Cat.

When their tummies were filled they enjoyed playing with each other. As they grew more trusting I began playing with them with one of the Boston fern fronds that grew near by. Since it was natural, they didn't seem to be afraid of it. Soon they began to look forward to our times of play together. They would attack the frond until all that remained was the stalk. We were about three months into our relationship and they still would not let me touch them. Although, I was their food source, they still did not fully trust me..................................(more later) Shalom, Bebe

Friday, November 13, 2009

When a 2 year old is in charge............

I had intended and in fact even started the continuation of my blog from yesterday, "I was in prison and you visited me", however, a 2 year old can totally rearrange your day. I have the privilege of playing with my 2 year old granddaughter, Cassi, on Friday and my blogging was not on the agenda of important things to accomplish for a 2 year old. So, we went to K-Mart and rode the "carousel horse". Then we went to McDonalds for a Happy Meal. Then on to the park for a picnic. Cape, my 11 year old granddaughter who was with us, as she is home schooled, wanted to go to the bead and rock store, so on our way home we stopped in. The very nice owner of the store gave Cassi a large rock and showed her the petrified dinosaur "poop". Yes, I did say poop. That was one thing Cassi did not want to touch. After leaving there we went back to McDonalds for an ice cream cone and then home again. I thought a nap might be appropriate, but again that was not on the 2 year old list of important things to accomplish when Bebe comes over. So it was out to the backyard to go down the slide and play with the doggies. Since the nap never happened I am exhausted and ready to call it a day...............................Shalom, Bebe

"I was in prison and you visited me"...(continued)

We followed the "Inside Angels" to the Chapel where our retreat would be held for the next 3 1/2 days. The room had been set up with 4 large round tables. At these tables 3 team members and 6 inmates would establish a "family" over the duration of the weekend.

The "Inside Angels" had already been praying over this room and the presence of Holy Spirit was evident. They wore those smiling, radiant faces for a reason. They had already been in the presence of God just has Moses had when he came down off Mount Sinai with his face so radiant because of his encounter with God.

In my naivety I expected to bring God to prison, but I found that he was already there. This became more evident over the next 3 1/2 days. Not that it wasn't important for us to go inside as volunteers from the "free world", for he used us to show the "ladies" who had lost hope that he loved and cared for them. We were his legs, arms, tongue and hands; his legs to carry the message of his love inside, his arms to hug someone who needed just that, his tongue to speak words of comfort and tenderness and his hands to caress and wipe away tears of sadness.

By Sunday, the"families" at each table were united in the knowledge that they were not forgotten. And that inspite of the fact that they were prisoners, they were totally free in Christ.

I left that institution a changed women. I now understood what Jesus meant when he said, "I was in prison and you visited me." Bars and razor wire may separate an individual from the "free world", but nothing can keep Jesus out. And sometimes he uses willing people to help the inmate be aware of his presence. I am grateful that he chooses to use me............................Shalom, Bebe

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"I was in prison and you visited me."

Had you told me ten years ago that some of my most fulfilling moments would be spent behind razor wire, I would have said that you were out of your mind. However, for me that is now a truthful statement. Since October of 2001, I have found amazing joy and fulfillment, as a prison volunteer.

In Matthew 25:36, Jesus said, "I was in prison and you visited me." I had read that scripture many times without understanding what he meant, then I went "to prison" and his message in that verse became clear.

I remember the day I drove up to the gates of a minimum security Women's Camp at a Federal Prison in Florida to serve as a volunteer for the first time. My heart was pounding as this very official looking officer came out of the gate house to compare my face with the face on my driver's license. It was one month after the 9-11 attacks and the institution was on red alert. My car was examined thoroughly. A large mirror on a pole was even used to examine the undercarriage. It was all a little intimidating, but I and my car were deemed safe by the officer and allowed to pass through the gate. My journey into prison as a volunteer had begun.

That day I was part of a team of women conducting a Kairos 3 1/2 day weekend retreat which began on Thursday afternoon and ended on Sunday afternoon. I thought I was going there to bless the inmates, little did I know that I would be on the receiving end of one of the most amazing blessings of my entire life.

With some anxiety, I wondered how we would be received by these inmates that the seasoned volunteers called "ladies". I was clueless as to what to expect, but it certainly wasn't "ladies". We were met by a smiling, radiant group of inmates who were past graduates of the Kairos program. They were going to be part of our team serving their fellow inmates who would be attending Kairos for the first time. We called them our "Inside Angels" and believe me the name fit..................................(more tomorrow) Shalom, Bebe

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I've been asked numerous times why I use "Shalom" in my e-mail salutation, since I am not Jewish. As a child of the 60's I was involved to a minor degree in the "Peace Movement" with it's peace symbols and all that entailed. You know what I mean; Peace symbol jewelry and 2 fingers held up in a victory symbol while greeting each other with the word "Peace" .

As I began to follow Jesus (Yeshua-Hebrew) and study more about his Jewish roots and how those roots applied to me as a believer in Him, I discovered this most wonderful Hebrew word, Shalom. Initially, I understood it as just meaning Peace. I was reminded of how I used the word "Peace" in the 60's as a greeting. But as I dug deeper I learned that this beautiful word encompasses so much more. It means, in addition to peace; tranquility, safety, well-being, welfare, health, contentment, success, wholeness, integrity and comfort..............This word is meant as a blessing each time it is used......With that said, may you have a Shalom filled day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Welcome to Bebe's Blog. I have decided to do this blog because I needed a "stage" to voice my opinion and share my concerns and delights. I hope that you enjoy reading it and posting your thoughts. In doing so, maybe we will bless each other. I believe that we are blessed to be a blessing. So let's get started...........Bebe