Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thirteen Years Old

The first time I saw her she was covered in dark monkey-like hair, not only on her head, but on her upper back as well. You see, she was premature, by six weeks, and still had her protective hair. We usually don't see that, as it is lost before birth if the baby is full term. Tubes were coming out of her in many different places and she was in an incubator, which prevented me from holding her. But I was in LOVE. The kind of love that comes with being a grandparent. For the next few weeks she went through so much. She would gain an inch and then lose two, only to gain three and lose another two. Many tears were shed and prayers were lifted up to her Heavenly Father. What a roller coaster of emotions we were on during that time. But finally she was healthy enough to go home.

That first meeting seems like such a short time ago and yet this angel child, my first granddaughter, will be thirteen tomorrow. What an amazing miracle she is.............thank you,Father God for sending her to us!............Shalom, Bebe

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  1. I like this post, heartwarming thanks....